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tv   Bridget Bowman Previews Senate Confirmation Votes  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 4:25am-4:30am EST

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includes votes for several of president trump's nominees. joining us from philadelphia, warehouse republicans were meeting for their annual retreat. >> bridget bowman is the senate reporter for roll call. the senate is expected to take up the nomination of rex tillerson as secretary of state. what is the schedule and what can we expect to see during that debate? ms. bowman: monday evening, the senate has a vote to end debate. as you will recall, democrats changed the rules in 2013, so only a majority of senators are required to end his nomination. that is expected to move forward. the question of when the final confirmation will come up, if democrats want to draw out a debate, that could push the final confirmation vote until
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wednesday. >> besides voting on elaine chao, committees will vote on jeff sessions and betsy devos after a weeklong delay. what is the status of those nominations? ms. bowman: as you mentioned, both of those nominations were delayed one week for senator sessions' nomination, senator feinstein asked for more time. they received about 200 pages of additional answers to questions, so they wanted more time to review those documents. the chairman senator grassley said that was fine. betsy devos, her nomination was also extended. this has been pretty contentious, arranging member and her fellow democrats have asked for another hearing on her nomination.
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to review her office of government ethics report. senator alexander, the chairman of that committee, has denied that request saying they have have their questions answered. >> bridget bowman follows the senate for roll call. you can read more of her work at and on twitter. thank you for joining us. ms. bowman: thank you for having me. announcer: you can watch life coverage this week on the c-span at you can also listen on the c-span radio app. nethe state of the conference was held here in weekngton, d.c., this past and tonight on the communicators we will talk to attendees.
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talking about future communications policy. >> everybody likes net neutrality. is notey do not like having the ability to of a referee on the field to make sure the networks are fast, fair, and open. there are efforts of google, to be a, and others counter messenger because the government is not in a good position to be a counter messenger and that is where they have really started to step up. at 8:00r: watch tonight p.m. on c-span2. >> next, former officials from the george w. bush administration.
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about if russian president vladimir putin ordered so-called hacking on the 2016 presidential election. this is an hour and a half. >> welcome to the center for national interest. we will have an important conversation about russia and the issues with moscow and america's response. about russi the issues with moscow and america's response. it is an important topic and something that a lot of people, a lot of journalists, a lot of people in congress are talking about so hopefully we will be able to shed some light in


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